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Balancing your job with the divorce process

Jul 10, 2019
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Perhaps you never realized how consuming your divorce would be. Not only is it taking a great deal of your time, but you may find that it takes up much of your thoughts. Perhaps you are preparing for your deposition, taking inventory of your assets and working out a strategy with your attorney.

Meanwhile, you are also trying to do your job. As much as you would like to keep your personal life away from the office, you may wonder how it is possible when there are so many details to take care of for both. Nevertheless, failing to separate your complex divorce from your Ohio business may compromise the success of both.

Managing your time

Your first concern may be to figure out how to manage your time. Your colleagues may not appreciate you taking calls from your attorney in the middle of meetings or being unable to attend to important clients because you have court dates. You may find it helpful to try some of these suggestions from family law professionals:

  • Keep a running list of questions to ask your attorney.
  • Set aside one time slot each day to return any phone calls or emails related to your divorce and to address your list of questions.
  • Look ahead in your planner and notify your attorney of all dates that already have work events or trips scheduled.
  • Make sure your assistant and your supervisor are aware of any dates when you will be unavailable because of court dates or meetings with your attorney.

You may also wish to inform your employer of any changes in your availability that might occur because of custody arrangements.

Keeping confidential matters private

In addition to balancing your time, you will want to make sure you keep your divorce as private as you can. This means keeping files and documents off your desk when colleagues or clients are in your office and conducting your divorce-related conversations behind closed doors where no one can overhear. You should also be careful about protecting your attorney-client privilege by using your personal email and not the company email account for your correspondences with your lawyer.

If your attorney has experience dealing with complex divorces, you will have an advocate who understands the pressure you may be feeling throughout the process. You may find that such an attorney will work to minimize the disruption to your life that a divorce often brings and help you prepare for a hopeful future.

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