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Molly Wellmann

Molly Wellmann Continues to Grow

Jul 11, 2022
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This past Friday it was announced that Molly Wellmann has sold her Japp's Since 1879 OTR bar. Congratulations Molly, We look forward to your next endevour and want to acknowledge Molly Wellmann's positive impact on Cincinnati.

Molly Wellmann connected Cincinnati's rich history with the modern global economy while raising the bar of bar quality setting the stage for where we are today.

Sounds like a lot, well, that's Cincinnati's Molly Wellmann.

Connected Cincinnati's rich history with modern global economy

Cincinnatians know and appreciate our rich history in Cincinnati. Molly connected the German heritage in Over The Rhine with the new urban experience developing in OTR when she opened Japp's Since 1879 on Main St. in 2010.

Molly highlighted the history by saving the name, the signs, the early architecture of the Main St. location and it's story while creating an experience inside with new energy and profitability.

There's not a better example of Cincinnati's conscious urban renewal than Japp's Since 1879; Save & celebrate the history, save the style and architecture, but modernize it for the global economic experience.

Molly Upped the Game

For those of us old enough to remember Cincinnati had stopped being a beer town sometime before the 1980's. Looking at today's landscape with breweries again on every corner it is hard to believe. Cincinnati was a "Budweiser and Miller" town. If you asked for anything else, you got what was called an "Import" beer which was often a Heineken.

There were and are established bars that are and were really cool. Sure, there are hip bars on this CityBeat list of chill bars that have been around for what seems like forever. Staples that we LOVE like Arlyns & Arnolds, bars that relied on the 1800 architecture, brick exterior, molded brass cielings, old wood that served up cool places to have a drink with class and charm, but they pretty much stopped there. Molly Wellmann took it to another level.

This is what the owner of Arnold's had to say about Molly selling Japp's Since 1879:

"She set off a chain reaction that made us and every other bar in the area up our game. We had no choice, she had single handedly elevated the cocktail scene in the city so much that we all had to play catch up." - Arnold's Bar & Grille

Molly took this old architecture and rich history and brought it to colorful life. Her creative cocktail drinks awoke a conscious order at the bar, a playful choice, fun for a group of the solo spirit seeker; the experience, the energy, molds were broken, expectations were risen. Molly brought us to the dawn of the cocktail experience we are so fortunate to have today.

This CityBeat slideshow showcases some of the chill low key bars in Cincinnati. The quality of all of the newer locations have Molly's influence visibly imprinted on them. The location, the theme, the drinks, the experiece are all conscious considerations that make for cool locations you tell others about. This was what Molly did for Cincinnati, she stepped up the quality game in all drinking establishments from here on out.

Molly Evolving

So yeah, Molly is selling Japp's Since 1879, but she is still operating in Cincinnati and like all good entreprenuers she is evolving the Molly Wellmann Brands experience. Molly Wellmann is now available for private cocktail parties! We are very excited for Molly Wellmann's next chapter here in Cincinnati.

Have a private cocktail party hosted by Molly Wellmann:

  • For your employees and business partners
  • For your family & friends
  • To Celebrate Life!

BHMK is Proud to Represent Molly Wellmann

One person can change an entire city. Molly's story is inspiring to all the young talent and creatives in Cincinnati that here, you can make a difference, and have an impact.

BHMK is the Solutions firm for Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky business owners who shape the Queen City.

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