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Proud of Our Cincinnati Bengals

Aug 30, 2022
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Extreme Bengals Fans

BHMK is the Cincinnati Solutions Law firm for Cincinnati & NKY Businesses, Families, & Estates. We love football, so of course, we're extreme Bengals fans.

Winning is Intentional

As business attorneys we know this team and subsequent success was created over time with great effort & intention by the owner of the business. The owner hires and communicates with a Manager, who hires and communicates with Coaches, who hire and communicate with Team Members who win the games and report the feedback.

The synchronicity between the owner, manager, coaches, & employees is the key to winning the Super Bowl, and the key to business success.

A Business in Sync

To have the owners, managers, coaches, and players all operating together at Peak Performance and in sync is the success, the cause of success, the ability to find a way to win, the ability to maneuver, and to know where to maneuver too, requires the proper structure synchronicity of all parts of the business. This allows for pivotal changes, like Lou Anarumo's defense, to adjust toward profitability.

Structure For Success, Feedback Allows for Successful Pivot

Joe Burrow is the toughest kid ever to come out of Ohio. He got behind a porous Bengals offensive line and got sacked and rushed almost every play by the largest athletes in professional sports. Joe got up and got up, learning to throw his perfect passes in 2 seconds, he evolved to the NFL so so fast. The sacks kept coming in his first year until the inevitable happened, he got injured.

Joe Can't Be Kept Down

Joe promises he is coming back, and he works through an ACL tear in the off-season and comes back to take the Bengals to the Super Bowl!!!

That is the "Can't be knocked down, We Get Back UP" attitude that Joe Burrow brought to the team. Joe got sacked more than any other quarterback in the NFL and Joe still took the team to the Super Bowl! Joe was sacked 9 times against Tennessee, at Tennessee, in the playoffs, and the Bengals still won the game!

The Bengals Are a TEAM

The Bengals have amazing athletes at every position that play their positions to the max. They make tackles, wrap, get to the ball, they go all out but are poised ,& most importantly they are supportive of each other. The players are a team; they are a pack of Bengal Tigers working together!

The Slant That Put the NFL on Notice

The pinnacle moment we knew the Bengals were reborn and the magic was laid out for all to see occurred against Kansas City at Paycore Stadium. Ja'Marr Chase caught a slant across the middle, then outran the entirety of the Kansas City Defense. Tears flowed, chakras opened, angels sang: Ja'Marr Chase not only informed all Bengals fans that a new day has dawned, but the entire NFL was put on notice that Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd are next-level football.

The Coaches that Out-Coached Andy Ried & Kansas City

The Cincinnati Bengals football coaches are amazing and deserve a ton of credit. You only have to look at both wins, now three since this article's first draft, against the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the most creative and capable NFL offensives ever created in football. There were amazing defensive maneuvers and adjustments all season that reached a level that overcame and defeated the best teams and offenses in the NFL, on their home turfs.

Lurking in the Tall Grass, Ready.. To... Pounce!

The Moral of This Tale

The Advisors to the Owners & General Managers of the Cincinnati Bengals have done a great job? Yes, of course, that. Importantly, when your operation is aware of and moving toward the same goal, when the business structure is established, roles are clear and parts of your business are communicating & listening to each other; this creates a business process that allows the team to go in day-to-day knowing what they are going to do, creates a repeatable process to profit and win. That when a hit is taken, can get back up, pivot, maneuver, and grow toward profit, grow towards the WIN.

Success Becomes Inevitable.

It's Gametime!

We are extremely proud and grateful for everyone in the Bengals organization. Thank you!!!

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