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Stocks, other employment perks could affect divorce outcomes

Sep 18, 2019
2 min read

Ending a marriage means assessing details that many Ohio and Kentucky residents may not have considered before. For instance, individuals going through divorce need to understand how their income and other compensation could affect their property division proceedings. If individuals receive income other than a straight salary, they may need to give that income closer consideration.

Stock options are a benefit that many employers offer their employees. If individuals have stock options earned during their marriage that is now ending, it is likely that compensation earned from those stocks could be divided during the divorce. However, determining the exact amount of compensation obtained and the percentage that each spouse is entitled to can prove tricky. It is important to assess the terms of the stock options, which could also impact whether they are considered marital property.

It is also possible that a person’s job could include other perks, such as a company car or housing. If these perks are also used to the benefit of the family during a marriage, they could come under consideration for division. While the perks themselves may not be divided, since they relate directly to one person’s employment, the value of those perks could impact certain outcomes.

Each divorce case depends on the various details of the individuals involved. Parties can have different types of compensation they receive through their employment or even other means and understanding how that compensation may come into play is vital. Discussing property division, spousal support calculations and other topics that could be affected by various income details with knowledgeable Ohio and Kentucky attorneys can help you reach a better outcome as you start your new life.

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