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The importance of estate planning

Oct 20, 2017
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When a resident of Ohio dies, matters of estate planning often need to be dealt with long before the grieving process is underway. As stated by the Summit County Probate Court, bills and taxes will be taken from the estate upon death, and then the rest is dispersed and executed based upon the will. Unfortunately, many people put off their estate planning or updates, leaving loved ones to try to figure out what the person would have wanted posthumously, which can lead to confusion, legal headaches and bitterness between the parties involved.

While estate planning does include identification of the beneficiaries of items such as bank accounts, real estate, automobiles and personal items, it also includes much more. This related process is where a person can designate a health care power of attorney, which means another individual will be trusted to make decisions should the person filing become incapable of making decisions for him or herself. A durable power of attorney can also be named, allowing a person to perform certain transactions and handle the estate should the estate holder not be able to perform such duties. If there are children or others who will need care or may require assistance down the road, this is the time for a person to clearly outline who will have guardianship or be caregivers.

Even if personal wishes of the deceased are known, they cannot be used to govern the distribution of the estate unless a will is prepared before death and then filed with the probate court. BHMK has several professionals who can assist you with this process to lessen the pain, anxiety, and grieving process of your loved ones when you are gone, by assisting in this planning process. Please call any of our attorneys to help you in beginning this important process.

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