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Resolving Probate Disputes Among Heirs And Beneficiaries

Even families of modest means often find themselves involved in disputes over assets when a parent, grandparent or another relative dies. As the financial stakes become larger, the complexities of probate and trust administration disputes can become overwhelming and can tear even the closest family apart.

When faced with unpleasant litigation over a will or a trust, seeking the counsel of a trusted attorney can often be the best decision. At Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., LPA, our lawyers have years of experience working with executors, family representatives, heirs, beneficiaries and business partners involved in probate disputes. We understand the nuances of the law, and, perhaps more importantly, we understand the emotional issues that often lie at the heart of contested will and trust disputes among heirs and beneficiaries.

We Offer Litigation Services For These Complex Matters:

Will Contests

When people draft a will, it is with best of intentions to help their survivors avoid disputes over the disposition of assets. But time changes everything. Assets are gained or lost. Adult children divorce and remarry. Stepchildren become part of the family. Grandchildren are born. People often ignore updating their will, or a sudden illness or accident pushes the will to the back burner. Disputes often arise over vague wording, the deceased’s intentions for heirs and beneficiaries, and changes made late in life when competency is an issue or undue influence is a possibility.

Trust Disputes

Trust disputes can develop when trusts no longer serve their original purpose and need to be modified. There are processes for dealing with these problems. Our attorneys deal with issues like this on a regular basis. Trust disputes also arise when trustees are unsure of their duties. We are here to assist trustees in assuring that they understand their obligations and how to meet them. We also assist trust beneficiaries who believe that they have not been treated fairly.

Guardianship Disputes

It is not uncommon for a family member to petition the court for guardianship over an incapacitated elderly parent, grandparent or vulnerable adult. Guardianship rights may include access to financial assets, which may result in disputes between family members seeking to disallow the petition. We represent clients petitioning for guardianship, as well as individuals seeking to prevent the court from granting the petition.

Resolving Disputes Efficiently And Cost-Effectively

In many cases, disputes between heirs and beneficiaries can be resolved through skillful negotiations, with an emphasis on keeping the intentions of the deceased as the highest priority. Turn your will dispute over to us. We will work toward an efficient, cost-effective solution outside of court, if possible. If probate is necessary, you will have a team of experienced, effective trial attorneys presenting your case to the judge.

Business Partnership Disputes

Probate disputes are not always between family members – business partners may also have a claim in the estate if the dispute involves partnership assets. We are experienced business law attorneys with in-depth knowledge of partnership agreements and succession plans.

Don’t Let The Dispute Destroy Your Family. Call Us.

Before your argument over a will or trust turns into probate litigation, contact our Cincinnati office to set up a meeting. We will review your circumstances, explain your options, and show you how our probate and trust litigation attorneys can apply their experience and knowledge to help. Located in Ohio, our lawyers are licensed to represent clients in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky as well.

Call us at 513-579-1500 or send an email explaining your circumstances. We will schedule an opportunity to meet with you as soon as possible.

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