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Apr 15
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The Solutions attorneys at BHMK are thought leaders in growing, protecting, and servicing privately held business owners and their families.

This week BHMK CEO Brian Redden Esq leads the discussion as AFHE, Attorneys for Privately-held Enterprises hosts their 2024 Spring Conference in Cincinnati at the BHMK headquarters, the Atrium II building on 4th St. in downtown Cincinnati.

Who is AFHE?

The Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (AFHE) is an independent, non-profit association dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary legal counsel and advice to both publicly and privately-held enterprises, including their owner-managers and family members. This organization caters especially to family-held businesses, addressing unique challenges that arise within such enterprises across various legal domains including corporate law, litigation, taxation, and trusts and estates.

What Does AFHE Do?

AFHE operates as a crucial resource for individuals, business entities, trade associations, and the business press, offering access to attorneys who possess specific expertise and qualifications relevant to privately-held business issues. The association places a strong emphasis on the lifecycle of family businesses, believing in the traditional role of legal advisors in fostering the establishment, growth, and success of these enterprises.

Protecting the Family Business

BHMK CEO, Brian Redden Esq. will provide insight and knowledge based on experience hosting a lecture and discussion on, "Protecting the Family Business in the Age of FTC / NLRB Activism: Practical Solutions for Ensuring Expectations are Met".

David Burleigh Esq. Leads The Discussion

The previous CEO of BHMK, David Burleigh Esq. will present a lecture and discussion titled: "Autopilot Doesn’t Get the Job Done: The Ed and Joann Hubert Family".

Autopilot Doesn’t Get the Job Done

Get the full 2024 AFHE conference schedule here: Get the AFHE Spring Conference Brochure

Intentionally Structured to Service Family Held Enterprises

The Solutions law firm of BHMK is structured for servicing privately held enterprises and their families. Our team of apex attorneys have a comprehensive approach servicing all aspects of the life and struggle of a business owner and privately held business enterprise such as:

AFHE Spring Conference Cincinnati

The AFHE Spring Conference is taking place this week April 17-18 at the new Atrium II Conference Center in the Atrium II building on 4th St.

Get the AFHE Spring Conference Brochure

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