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Business litigation and social media

Nov 11, 2017
3 min read

Our law firm has covered several different topics when it comes to business lawsuits in this blog. However, there are far more issues to consider, such as the many ways that social media activity can impact a case, or even result in litigation. Whether you run a large corporation or own a small business, you should be mindful of your company’s online presence and social media activity – both on the business page and on employee pages that may be connected to the business page. Moreover, you may not even handle your company’s online posts, placing these responsibilities on an employee or a third party contractor, in which case you must discuss content, form, and boundaries with them in advance of any posting. As a business owner, it is pivotal for you to understand the wide-reaching implications of social media activity and protect your business. As we often tell clients, if you are actively in business, it is highly likely that you will be sued at some time during the life of the business.

There are various aspects of social media that may lead to legal action against your business or that may lead to claims that your business may need to pursue. As examples, another business may libeled your company online, or your business may be accused of such behavior, resulting in litigation. Or, perhaps your business is already involved in a lawsuit and certain details were posted to social media and can be used as evidence against your company. Further, a party that your business is pursuing may have made social media posts that are damaging to their claims against your business. These examples underline how essential it is to avoid sharing potentially damaging details on the internet, whether the information is shared via video, pictures, or text.

From finding support to venting frustration, many turn to social media for a wide range of reasons. However, business owners and those working for the company should carefully censor the material they post on the internet. Our business law page provides more material related to business litigation.

Should you have further questions related to liability and social media, please feel free to contact Brian Redden, Brian Hirsch, or Robert Gehring to discuss these issues or others facing your business.

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