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May 7
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At BHMK, we don't simply serve business owners, we are business owners ourselves. Outside of the office several of our leading attorneys own, manage, & operate businesses in tough to survive industries like resturaunts and food shops.

We don't just serve business owners, we Are business owners ourselves

We provide legal SOLUTIONS for privately held businesses and the families of business owners. Our Solutions are built from:

  • Experience - Many of our attorneys are business owners.
  • Time - Serving privately held businesses and their families since 1979.
  • Diversity - Started by respected female attorney Gloria Haffer in 1979, BHMK prioritizes having a mix of men and women, old and young, & attorneys of all cultures on our team.

Meats and Seafood Market in Maderia

Redden Fine Meats & Seafood

Businesses add value to our community by providing resources, job opportunities, and increase the quality of life in Cincinnati. One business that is doing just that is Redden Fine Meats & Seafood in Maderia. Giving new life to an old train station, Redden Fine Meats & Seafood transports the best seafood and steaks into our area. As a landlocked state having access to quality fish and seafood is a wonderful delicacy for the hard working; great food is a great reward and imperative for our quality of life. If the best is not shipped in fresh we would not have it.

Business Contracts & Logistics

Fresh meats and seafood is a logistical challenge given the landlocked nature of our state. The numerous contracts with vendors need to be rock solid, the real estate has to be the perfect location and the terms need to favor the business owner, when BHMK CEO, Brian Redden, Esq. is on your side your business is in good hands. There are a lot of considerations a business owner has to consider and when you work with attorneys who are business owners you will discover more realities that likely only an actual business owner would know of.

"The first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore... "

Redden Fine Meats & Seafood is in it's 4th year; getting a business off the ground is one of the more difficult parts of starting a business. When a business is built on a solid foundation having strong contracts in place, favorable real estate terms, and real world council to help guide the early decision making, the business owner is in a much more favorable position to succeed.

Resturuant attorneys cincinnati ohio, Nation Kitchen and Bar logo

Nation Kitchen and Bar

Over The Rhine has a bright as well as tumultuous history. While the economic conditions eroded in Over The Rhine many, many good people and organizations tried to hold it together. It took nothing short of the might of some of Cincinnati's largest corporations to start to make Over The Rhine investable again.

One of the earlier businesses that invested in Over The Rhine, Pendleton neighborhood was Nation Kitchen & Bar. From DATED to 2024 the Pendleton Nation Kitchen and Bar provided a quality, and relatively low cost resturaunt in the Pendleton neighborhood.

Brian Hirsch, Esq. is the owner and board member of the Nation Kitchen and Bar resturaunt group. Brian's committment to Cincinnati is evident in the creative menu and events hosted outside of Nation Kitchen and Bar in Pendleton like "DANGER WHEEL!".

After helping in the Pendleton comeback, Nation Pendlleton has "moved" to The Banks by the Great American Ball Park. Consider the legwork it takes to move a resturaunt, the due dilligence, the contracts, the real estate, the labor... having a law firm like BHMK in your corner enables business growing decisions to take place.

Nation Kitchen & Bar has successfully made it through the start up years and has expanded to three locations in Cincinnati:

Danger Wheel attracts many economically mobile spenders into Pendleton and Over The Rhine while celebrating the streets and neighborhood feel of the Pendleton art district.

Danger Wheel setting up in Pendleton Cincinnati Ohio

The original Nation Kitchen & Bar in Pendleton is closing, while the new location at The Banks is opening. Decisions and manueverability like this are examples of how the business attorneys at BHMK can help your bsuiness grow and succeede.


  • We Connect With Business Owners "Real Reality" - because we are in the same world a business owner exists in.
  • We Understand the need for decisive direction, and timely turnaround.
  • We are Personally Familiar with the problems and issues facing business owners.

Business Owner's Families

While the rewards can be and are often fruitful, the life of a business owner is difficult. Long nights and early mornings are a prerequisite, flexibility and creative workarounds are a daily way of life, and creating or usually "being" the solution to the constant stream of issues is the life of a business owner.

As business owners oursleves, we know the stresses, pain points, and needds of business owners families. It is imperative that the fruit of the labor of a business owner benefits their family, that wealth can be transferred to the family now and for the next generation. When a business owner marries, the business owner's assets need to be protected, and if a business owner separates, the business needs to be protected.

For Businesses - By Business Owners

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