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Married couples intent on dissolving their marriage should consider the collaborative divorce process, especially for complicated custody, parenting time (visitation) and property issues. The collaborative process guides parents in crafting the outcome of transitioning the family from married to divorced rather than having a stranger (judge or magistrate) decide for them.

Our family law attorneys at Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., LPA, represent clients who choose to resolve their divorce matters using an approach that is collaborative rather than adversarial in nature. We routinely work with financial professionals, child psychologists and other experts to secure long-lasting and effective agreements.

Information That You Should Know About Collaborative Divorce

  • In a collaborative divorce, both parties and attorneys sign a collaborative agreement mandating that all issues must be decided during the negotiating process, and the final outcome will be a dissolution filed with the domestic relations court.

  • Collaborative divorce is known as the “no court” alternative because if negotiations break down and a divorce action is filed, neither of the attorneys who participated in the collaborative process may represent their respective client in court.

  • Thus, collaborative divorce leads to more good faith negotiations between the parties and lawyers because there is a vested interest in all involved to come to a full settlement of property, parenting issues and support terms.

  • For more complicated cases regarding finances, a collaboratively trained independent financial adviser can be employed to give recommendations on dividing assets and debts.

  • For cases with conflict surrounding parenting issues, especially ones with substance abuse or mental health concerns, an independent family relations therapist is recommended to work with both parents and children in resolving such disputes in the best interest of the children.

Before you sign a collaborative divorce agreement, it is important to meet with a qualified attorney to learn whether this approach is appropriate for your situation.

When you consult with us at our Cincinnati office, our collaborative divorce lawyers will provide an honest assessment of your options and identify possible outcomes. It is important to us that you are well-informed before you commit to a course of action.

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